Preserved railways receive many visitors who all do different things - such as travel on the trains or even stand on the lineside taking photographs of them. Realtime Preserved Trains aims to help railways by providing them with more capability, both operationally and in publicity, and enabling them to raise more money to continue their excellent efforts in restoring and maintaining historic artefacts.

How does it work?

We have fitted our own bespoke hardware to the rolling stock and locomotives of the railway. This equipment reports the position of the train, together with other information such as heading, to our servers on a periodic basis. Our software then interprets these reports and applies them to services.

Why do some events cost money?

The development time and cost, together with operating costs, of the service are substantial. Realtime Preserved Trains also has a stated aim of supporting preserved railways and helping them to raise money. Where events cost money, we aim to provide at least half of the price back to the railways to help support this excellent cause.

Where does my money go?

For an event, as an example, that costs £3, the breakdown is as follows: at least £1.50 will go to the operating railway or locomotive owner group, 50 pence is taken as VAT and approximately 30 pence for processing your payment and verifying location of domicile. The remaining 70 pence from your payment goes towards operational and further development costs, including the cost of mobile data transfer and SMS alerts.